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Successful outcome resulting from extensive knowledge of VAT legislation and case law

Although we are established in the UK, we have UK, EU and global supply chains and VAT Services (Scotland) Limited provided a VAT risk review on all areas of our business. The review comprised a 2-day on-site VAT risk review, which included an on-site meeting to discuss the VAT report findings, recommendations and agreed action plan.

They also followed up with some further VAT guidance and templates, which we also found to be very useful to the business.

On a separate project, they assisted in detailed written correspondence, telephone calls and a meeting with HMRC to obtain the HMRC VAT Officers’ agreement to fully resolve a VAT compliance matter, which was a successful outcome resulting from his extensive knowledge of the VAT legislation and case law.

Crawford Currie, Finance Director, Lightbody Ventures Ltd


Quality of our VAT processing and reporting has been significantly enhanced

Amor Group was formed as a result of a management buyout from Sword Group SE in May 2009. The business then embarked on a rapid growth programme resulting in revenues doubling over a three year period.

The pace of this growth placed increasing levels of workload and responsibility on the finance team, and we quickly recognised a requirement to enhance our in-house skill set, particularly in the areas of tax and related compliance.

VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd was recommended to us and we engaged the services of Gary Moore and his colleagues in 2010. We found Gary to be knowledgeable and responsive, and after delivering an initial review he continued to provide advice and guidance in relation to a number of ad hoc VAT queries. Furthermore, Gary also developed and delivered tailored VAT training for all of our finance staff via one and two-day courses. He has continued to deliver refresher and “new start” VAT training on an ongoing basis.

Our collective understanding, as well as the quality of our VAT processing and reporting has been significantly enhanced as a result Gary’s ongoing involvement with the business.

David Blyth, Chief Financial Officer, Amor Group (since acquired by Lockheed Martin)


Timely response to entrepreneur's complex VAT issues

VAT Services (Scotland) Limited have provided us with a wealth of practical VAT knowledge, guidance and support for our growing group companies. We greatly appreciate them responding timely and thoughtfully to the complex VAT issues surrounding our businesses, in particular land and property transactions.

Their advice is highly valued in ensuring best practice is being applied to our VAT compliance in complying with the VAT legislation and our staff feel comfortable when working with them.  

Joe Logan, Director, Logan Factoring and Management Ltd


VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd clearly understand the VAT complexities of supplies made from and to the UK

VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd were recommended to us by our accountant and business adviser and they provided us with the relevant VAT advice and guidance. The advice was in connection to a number of areas where the business is making supplies outside the UK and included correspondence with HMRC due to the complexities of the VAT accounting.

Following their advice, the business has a much improved VAT accounting system for our own supplies, together with capturing the VAT accounting for the goods and services we purchase from our overseas suppliers.

They also assisted in preparing our EU statistical declarations (i.e. EC Sales Lists) and providing a guide and monitoring tools for our distances sales and dispatches of goods from the UK to other EU Member States.

The work undertaken has ensured that VAT is accounted for when it should be and the business only reclaims VAT that it is entitled to. VAT Services (Scotland) Limited ensured this was carried out with the minimum impact on our day-to-day busy trading activities.

Further, now that the critical VAT advice has been undertaken, they provided a handover of the VAT compliance back to our accountant and business adviser for them to assist the business with the business' VAT return and statistical reporting obligations going forward.

In summary, VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd clearly understand the VAT complexities of supplies made from and to the UK. The main benefit to us is that it submitted and agreed everything with HMRC on our behalf and their proactive assistance allowed the business to prepare and submit its quarterly VAT returns in an accurate, efficient and timely manner. We would have no hesitation in recommending VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd.

Leo Wong, Director, GT Omega Racing Ltd


Detailed VAT report beneficial in advance of HMRC VAT inspection

We are a UK entity of a global business and engaged with VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd to provide a VAT health check on all areas of our UK business.

The review comprised of a 3-day on-site VAT review and included our cross-border transactions of goods and services, together with the related EC Sales Lists and intrastat declarations, property issues (i.e. Capital Goods Scheme) and general VAT compliance.

We received a detailed VAT report of the findings, which was beneficial to us in advance of a forthcoming VAT inspection from HMRC. The report assessed the VAT issues in order of priority and provided us with recommendations, which we use as an action plan.

Additionally, we use Kevin MacGillivray for ad-hoc VAT consultancy whenever we require advice and support.

From our experience, we would recommend VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd for VAT health check reviews."

LC, Finance Manager


Exception from VAT registration

Through our previous accountants, we received correspondence from HMRC rejecting our application for retrospective exception from VAT registration, giving us an obligation to register late for VAT and an assessment for VAT and penalties. Fortunately, our new accountant, John Griffiths Business Advisers, put us in touch with VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd to determine if there was any potential solution as it seemed unfair that we were going to suffer a VAT assessment and penalty for an exceptional but limited upturn of turnover as a result of the Commonwealth Games 2014.

At this point, VAT Services (Scotland) Limited reviewed the historic VAT position and, based on the information provided, prepared a detailed case to HMRC outlining the reasoning for granting a retrospective exception from VAT registration based on VAT legislation, case law and HMRC’s own internal guidance.

Through their intervention and understanding of the practicalities of VAT, HMRC agreed to overturn its previous VAT decision and allowed our business a retrospective exception from VAT registration, which we were delighted with.

Joann Drew, Director, Rab Haws Limited


Delighted with thoroughness of work

I commissioned VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd to advise our organisation on the VAT implications of hosting a major international conference. I was delighted with the thoroughness of the work they carried out and with the clarity of the conclusions and recommendations they made. VAT is often a complex subject where the rules can be difficult to interpret and so I would have no hesitation in seeking their advice again should the situation arise.

Bruce Miller, Financial Controller, Alcohol Focus Scotland