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HMRC is undertaking VAT-specific audit initiatives across a broad range of industry sectors and raising an increased number of VAT assessments with penalties. 

We are seeing a number of challenges from HMRC and increased activity in arranging VAT audit/inspections across our portfolio of clients. 

This is putting pressure on businesses to identify and disclose VAT errors, often in short timescales, prior to the HMRC VAT audit/inspections. 

Where there is no disclosure by the businesses, the errors subsequently found by HMRC are now attracting higher penalties.  

Who is potentially affected 

  • Any VAT registered business. 

How can VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd help you 

  • We can assist businesses with bespoke VAT-risk reviews and VAT health checks in advance of any HMRC VAT audit;
  • We can provide assistance with the written disclosure of any identified VAT errors to HMRC; and
  • We can assist a business throughout the process from what is required before the VAT audit, during an audit, together with any actions following the audit.

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