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Forthcoming VAT changes are likely to have a potential financial impact on the charity sector.

New rules, with effect from 1 April 2015, relate to charities' arrangements for consolidated services covering the production, postage and delivery of printed material (i.e. direct mailing services) from a single supplier.

Generally, the charity sector understood that contracts for direct mailing services to publicise their fundraising should be zero-rated for VAT purposes. However, it is HMRC's view that single-source contracts covering a single supply of printing, sorting and delivery of direct mail (i.e. marketing services) should be standard-rated.

HMRC will be publishing new detailed guidance for the charity sector in early 2015 and we understand that the changes will only be effective from 1 April 2015. That is, HMRC will not look to take retrospective action and seek to raise VAT assessments where there has been a genuine misunderstanding around the historic VAT interpretation taken by the charity sector and, therefore, charities can continue their current arrangements up until 31 March 2015.

With effect from 1 April 2015, we understand that the printing of direct mail packs, but not the distribution of such packs, will continue to benefit from zero-rating.

The impact on charities is that additional VAT costs may now be incurred, which could give rise to partial, or wholly irrecoverable input tax (VAT).

Who is potentially affected?

  • Charities and providers of direct mailing services.

How can VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd help you?

  • Assist charities and/or suppliers in reviewing the current contractual arrangements and determine if any necessary changes are required to ensure the charities avoid any unnecessary VAT charges being applied from April 2015.

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