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Staff training is an integral part of the continuing growth of any business. A wider skills base not only enhances the personal development of an employee but the employer benefits from having more knowledgeable staff.

This is especially so in the field of VAT. With an increased focus on actively managing VAT risk and ensuring the business has robust systems and controls, there is a greater onus on individuals within a business to continually develop and broaden their VAT knowledge to meet these requirements.

At VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd, we can provide bespoke training workshops to meet the needs of your staff who have responsibility, or are involved in your business' VAT compliance obligations.

Our training workshops are an opportunity for your staff to discuss VAT issues facing your business on an informal and interactive basis.

The benefits of our staff training include:

  • Practical advice and guidance on how to deal with VAT compliance obligations;
  • An awareness and knowledge of the common areas of VAT pitfalls, with a commercial focus;
  • Depending on the training requested, a basic or in-depth understanding of VAT can be provided to your staff. This will give them the ability to recognise the relevant VAT issues to avoid significant VAT liabilities and penalties;
  • Informal and fully interactive training that provides added value as we encourage staff to discuss specific VAT issues they face within the business; and
  • Use as a VAT skills refresher, or for staff wishing to increase their understanding of VAT. This may be in the format of an annual one-day staff training session.

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