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Our annual VAT retainer (VAT helpline) service attracts interest from a number of clients, in particular accountancy firms.

Additionally, our annual retainer is attractive to larger companies and organisations where the business would otherwise need to seek internal pre-approval for each individual piece of work given to external consultants. This way, the business can put one figure into its budget, for approval, covering the annual service.

The annual retainer allows our clients to contact us at any time to discuss each separate VAT issue for up to 30 minutes, at no additional cost. Included within the service, clients receive a written note (i.e. an email) summarising the telephone conversation and the VAT advice and/or recommendations provided.

The annual retainer is intended to provide your business with:

  • Ongoing access to timely VAT assistance and guidance;
  • Continuity and efficient service from our VAT team;
  • Assurance that we will provide our advice promptly and without the need for the business to worry about costs. We will agree any work outside the scope of the annual retainer in advance with you prior to commencing any work; and
  • Peace of mind knowing your business will have access to a professional VAT consultant to address your VAT concerns.

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