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EU VAT training session alerts client to VAT issue

A UK goods and services client was referred to us by its auditor, as the company was making supplies of goods and services to its customers in the EU and, also, to other non-EU countries.

We provided the business with an EU VAT training session and this helped the company’s staff to identify actual and potential VAT issues within the business’ supply chains.

Consequently, the company is working through these VAT issues to ensure it is fully compliant and enable it to significantly lower its risk of potential VAT assessments and penalties.


Working in partnership with accountant client to provide VAT training on exports and dispatches

Our accountancy firm client has a local client that was recently acquired within a PLC. Working in partnership with the accountancy firm, we delivered a VAT training session specifically on exports and dispatches, including the preparation and submission of Intrastat Declarations and EC Sales Lists.

The session was very well received by the staff and identified areas that required to be addressed by the business in advance of its impending VAT audit by HMRC.

Such action by the local client will avoid a VAT assessment and penalties from HMRC for non-compliance with the VAT rules and regulations and force of law within HMRC’s public notice for exports and dispatches.


Workshop session on VAT requirements for Senior Accounting Officer reporting

A multi-national organisation has an obligation to report VAT under the Senior Accounting Officer (‘SAO’) rules.

With our experience, we assisted this global business with facilitating a workshop session covering the necessary VAT obligations, specifically needing compliance with to meet the SAO rules around VAT.